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Families Testimonials


Vanessa and Sean Morrissey



Just a short note to say thank you for all that you have done for Gabby throughout the years. She has had a wonderful time at Kid Academy and has some great memories. As a parent, I have always felt comfortable with her in your care. As she has gotten older we have decided to pursue Catholic education for her. This year she is attending St. Charles in Cinnaminson. Thank you to you and all the staff at Kid Academy for helping Gabby. I will continue to recommend you to all my parent friends. If the time comes that we have another little one we will be in contact.


Thank you


Vanessa and Sean Morrissey



Hilary & John Mansor


Good Morning Lynn


It is with mixed emotions that I send this letter to you regarding Maximilian and his Fall enrollment. We have decided to give the city school a chance with him and see how he adjusts. His last day of KA will be this Friday, 6 September.


Having said that, I would like the ability to try this for 1 month and If he does not adjust well, then I would love to be able to bring him back to KA and be with your team if you agree to this.


Sending my baby to school is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do … still is. But your program and staff made the transition for me, John and Max easier. He has thrived with you. He has grown and adjusted and become (still is becoming 🙂 such a wonderful little man.


With the new baby, new job, travel, uncertain delivery recovery and possible house sell ahead of us, the logical decision is to give this new road a go. In my heart, I am deeply concerned and torn between what Is logical and what is right for him … but am approaching it with the perspective: if we don’t try, then we’ll never really know.

I can not tell you enough how much I admire your line of work and I marvel at the dedication to the need for decent, loving, appropriate childcare.


I sincerely THANK You and your team at KA for welcoming my family with warm smiles, caring conversation, laughter and most importantly, loving our Maximilian. I hope that Max will always have a home with KA.


All My Best to you and KA Always.


Hilary & John Mansor




Kyle and Joyce Tierney



To Mary at Cherry Hill


“We wanted to send this note to express our gratitude for all that you did for James and for the support you gave myself and Kyle as new parents over the years he attended Kid Academy. Unfortunately, because of the timing of our leave, we were not able to say goodbye but we felt it was important to let you know how much you were appreciated while James was in your room. We wish you the best of luck in the future.”



Joyce, Kyle and James





Katie and Bryan Curtis



“After eight years as members of the Kid Academy family, we would like to notify you that our children will be leaving the center this month. While I realize that this letter is to give notice in a formal way for the file, I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to mention that our children have been cared for by some really wonderful people over the years. From our fist baby through our third, Miss Mary and Miss Mary Lynn have helped us raise all three of our little girls. These two women have had such a positive impact on our family and we will miss them greatly. They have genuinely cared for and about us since we became part of the Kid Academy family back in 2004.”


Thank you very much,


Katie and Bryan Curtis




Christine LaBadie



“I personally would like to also take this opportunity to say THANK YOU…. KALC is a great school and I would recommend anyone that I know with a young child to go!”


You and your staff have been doing a wonderful job of taking care of the students and of course my Asia’. She loves you all from the bottom of her heart and is so excited about school and wanting to go to school on her days off. She enjoys going to KALC especially to see you, all her friends and wonderful teachers. The staff is doing a great job with there curriculums when teaching the students and as well the infants. I see my Asia’ is learning and singing a lot and keeping it all sponged in her mind.


Lastly, I commend YOU on an EXCELLENT JOB that you’re doing to keep your staff, students, school and yourself in order. We all know that’s a hard job to do but your doing and wonderful job.


Thank you again for ALL your assistance with everything 🙂


You have a wonderful blessed fantastic day and see you shortly :)”






Christine LaBadie





Hilary & John Mansor




Good Morning Lynn!


As you know by now – Max is back! We couldn't put him through another week of torture- he really missed everyone at Kid Academy and It just broke our hearts to see him so sad. He woke up this morning at 5 am and 6 am and 6:30 am… begging us to call and see If he can go to the “Ms. Lynn school”. Spiderman lunch box all packed and ready to go:) Just the cutest!


I have filled out the Fall Registration and will have John drop the reg fee with the form off tomorrow.

I Will be seeing you tomorrow most likely for the “pick up”.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for taking Max in and providing such a memorable, happy place for him to be.


We are lucky to have you!


Talk to you soon! Missed you ALL dearly!






Hilary Cottone-Mansor


Kim & Nevaeh Mellon | John & Gina Richards




Kid Academy Staff,


As the school year is approaching Nevaeh and I are excited for a new adventure. Nevaeh is going into the first grade! We can't believe it. It seems like yesterday that I was dropping her off to the infant's room. We have had the pleasure of knowing you all for 6 years. You have made such an impact on our lives. you have all touched our lives. From arts & crafts, letters & numbers, to boo-boos and all the TLC you have given. We love you all. For the past 6 years, you have cared for Nevaeh and helped raise her. You allowed me to feel safe and comforted knowing she was in your care. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had you in our lives. Nevaeh will not be returning for this school year. However, we will be doing occasional drop-ins and will be back next summer. This isn’t goodbye, rather see you soon.


Thank you all for all of your love and guidance, your the best.


Kim & Nevaeh Mellon



John & Gina Richards






Hi Lynn,


I keep meaning to write and thank you for the special, wonderful preschool graduation. Jason and I were very moved by the decorations, which really set the mood for the evening. Seeing all of the teachers there to cheer on the kids left me speechless; they spend many hours at Kid Academy each day and took more time away from their families and personal tasks to support the graduates. The set-up was so organized, and it kept all of the children at ease for their big moment. The months of practice really paid off, as the children really did an amazing job with their songs, dances, and rhymes. I have to admit, I teared up when Juliet was leading the Pledge of Allegiance, and the beauty of the occasion kept me leaking at the eyes throughout the ceremony! Our family enjoyed every moment of the graduation as well. All of the graduates had their time in the spotlight, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as their families were. Anju and Melanie are truly outstanding teachers – without them, Juliet would not be the fabulous, confident learner that she is now.


Juliet spends more waking hours at Kid Academy than with Jason & I, and I cannot thank you enough for giving her the basic learning tools. I am tearing up now just thinking about how much Kid Academy means to me. Lynn, you have always been supportive and honest, and you & all of the teachers and caregivers have taken exemplary care of the person who means more to Jason & I than anyone else in the world. Words just aren’t enough to express my gratitude and respect.




SK 🙂

Valerie Falco



Dear Mr. Golden,


I am writing to give you some feedback on the Kid Academy Learning Center in Westampton operated by Marie Albanese. There are some thoughts of mine I think you just need to know!


My daughter has attended Kid Academy since December 2006 when she was six months to now, four 1/2 years old. She has progressed and blossomed in each classroom. When my son came along, two years ago, there was no question where he would be attending as well.


The staff is well trained and my daughter has benefited tremendously. Her development leading up to pre-school was well planned, effectively delivered, and appropriate for her age. She was challenged and excelled.


This past September she was eligible to begin in the local school district pre-school program. In her first few months in the pre-school in the school district it was clear she was far more advanced than the rest of the class, and in fact above the curriculum planned for the year. That is wholly attributable to the staff, curriculum and the programs she has been involved in at Kid Academy. I have now removed her (after attending for four months) from the district school program and returned her full time to Kid Academy. Its just clearly better for her education and her future, She will continue to excel and thrive, far better than with the public school, due directly to the direction she receives at Kid Academy.


My son, now two, since beginning attending Kid Academy, has also shown similar signs of blossoming. Though children learn at different rates, I can clearly see what he is learning from their teachers. He has been a very quiet and observant boy and now since attending I see a more outgoing and verbal side, wholly brought on by the social and learning environment he Is now actively involved and thriving in, just like his sister.


The staff is appropriately placed for their specialty level from the infant to the pre-school student which brings out the best for each child in their care. Marie and the staff have also been very accommodating and flexible and have always worked with our family to resolve any challenge or concern, which have been few. When we faced personal challenges, Marie and her staff were kind and listened and worked with our family so that our children moved forward seamlessly.



I fully recommend Kid Academy to any parent I can. I really love what I see coming through my children from their attendance at Kid Academy.


Please feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss more of my thoughts.


Thank you Kid Academy in Westampton is a wonderful center!




Valerie Falco

Mr. & Mrs.B




My son and daughter are enrolled at Kid Academy. The teachers there are extraordinary with the care they provide. I am amazed at the things the children are accomplishing, their socialization skills and the knowledge they are gaining.


Mr. & Mrs.B

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