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Kindergarten Guide
Playful Kids
 Helping children grow for 30 years
We have been under the same ownership for 30 years and are not a franchise 

Educational Childcare Philosophy


KidAcademy provides educational childcare. We are very passionate about providing your child with the tools he or she needs to be successful in life.

Stimulating Educational Environment


A safe, stimulating environment to create meaningful experiences for your child every day is our daily goal.


Highly Trained Childcare Teachers

Our highly trained teachers focus on reading, writing and arithmetic and active learning experiences around character building, physical activity, social and emotional development.

Why Choose KidAcademy?

“The Preparatory Pre School”


At KidAcademy we don’t just provide Childcare and daily supervision but a unique learning environment which prepares young minds for kindergarten and elementary school.


  • Unlike Day care child supervisors, our staff is made up of trained teachers with educational backgrounds to support a healthy learning environment for your children.

  • Readiness programs in Math and Reading ensure your child’s superior transition to their first years of school with a chance to excel.

Connection and Involvement


Stay connected and continuously a part of your childs progress and experience.


  • We constantly update each schools news and activities through social media and allow parents to monitor and stay current on everything your child is apart of.

  • We want you involved every step of the way and our teachers make it of the utmost priority to ensure you are getting the most out of KidAcademy.


Not “One size fits all”


Your Child’s experience is tailored by both yours and their preferences and usual routines to make sure they have the easiest transition from home to our facilities.


  • We focus on adapting the child into a group setting to better socialize them with various activities whether physical or mentally stimulating while maintaining a close ratio of children to teachers for better attention.

  • Nutrition and non-sedentary action are key in developing-bodies. We make these elements a paramount concern.


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