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KidAcademy Tech Kids


Dear Pre-K Families,

We are proud to offer our Apple iPad program for our Pre-K students!  Our students will receive extra enrichment with a technical curriculum to work alongside our Butterflies High Reach.  Our iPad & Apple TV system equipped with Mirror Imaging will give our teachers/students the opportunity to work daily with programs including:

  • Letter & Number Recognition

  • Math

  • Patterns/Sequencing

  • Sight Words

  • Science

  • Physical Education

  • &

  • More

Teachers will take the children on guided lessons as well as offer them the opportunity to work independently on their own with academic applications.  We are very excited to begin this new journey with our student’s to see their learning experience grow and to prepare them for their entry into Kindergarten!!

Weekly posts will be sent home via email giving you the information regarding our focal lesson for that week.


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