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Kindergarten Guide
Playful Kids
 Helping children grow for 30 years
We have been under the same ownership for 30 years and are not a franchise 

PreSchool/Prek educational Program


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, young children learn from experiences, actions, and interactions with people and things. At KidAcademy our focus is on each child’s needs and development. Our program has a written curriculum based on the knowledge of a child’s development. The daily activities for the children reflect our program’s philosophy and goals. We foster independence by encouraging children to think, reason, question, and experiment. Our staff assists children in using language to deal with their feelings. Social skills are developed by learning to cooperate, help, take turns, and talk through problem-solving.


Our staff will communicate with you on a daily basis regarding your child’s social, emotional, educational and physical progress. Twice a year we evaluate your child in writing with a progress report and conferences are always available. We encourage you to become involved in our program by being volunteers for special events and field trips. Parents and other family members have welcomed visitors in our center at all times.

We use the High Reach Curriculum


Our Preschool students will also be involved in Reading and Math Readiness programs. Reading Readiness consists of the alphabet, phonics, and vocabulary building, and sensory discrimination. Math Readiness covers number recognition, measurements, and simple addition/subtraction. Other topics covered during the Preschool year are community helpers, safety awareness, movement and dancing, art, computers, and science. Children excel in Kindergarten with the head start they receive at KidAcademy.


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