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Kindergarten Guide
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Learning Center and Families

Partners in Education


We are committed to communicating openly with parents. Working together, we can help foster the educational support your child needs to get him or her off to a great educational start.


Open communication and always updated on your child’s progress is our key to your child’s success. Communication centers in each classroom, newsletters, and frequent progress reports are all focused on communicating what is happening in your child’s classroom.


We know that enrolling in or transitioning to a new learning center or environment can be hard, so we’ve structured your child’s first few weeks to ease the process. Our knowledgeable and highly trained staff serve as a strong resource for any educational issues.

Our goal is setting up your child for a successful school experience in the classroom and beyond.


Working Close Together with our Families


Helping kids have a good first day of school


Changing or starting at a new school isn’t easy. Anxiety over the unknown – and a few tears, too. We focus on making the new experience to our learning center welcoming and worry-free.


Call us all day long if you are worried!!


First few weeks


We’ve structured the first few weeks of your child’s time at Kid Academy in a way that makes the transition as smooth as possible.

During the first few weeks, you can expect:


  • A tour of your child’s classroom.

  • A welcome letter.

  • A lot of face-to-face communication.


Open communication doesn’t stop at the first few weeks. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have.



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