Valerie Falco

Dear Mr. Golden,

I am writing to give you some feedback on the Kid Academy Learning Center in Westampton operated by Marie Albanese. There are some thoughts of mine I think you just need to know!

My daughter has attended Kid Academy since December 2006 when she was six months to now, four 1/2 years old. She has progressed and blossomed in each classroom. When my son came along, two years ago, there was no question where he would be attending as well.

The staff is well trained and my daughter has benefited tremendously. Her development leading up to pre-school was well planned, effectively delivered, and appropriate for her age. She was challenged and excelled.

This past September she was eligible to begin in the local school district pre-school program. In her first few months in the pre-school in the school district it was clear she was far more advanced than the rest of the class, and in fact above the curriculum planned for the year. That is wholly attributable to the staff, curriculum and the programs she has been involved in at Kid Academy. I have now removed her (after attending for four months) from the district school program and returned her full time to Kid Academy. Its just clearly better for her education and her future, She will continue to excel and thrive, far better than with the public school, due directly to the direction she receives at Kid Academy.

My son, now two, since beginning attending Kid Academy has also shown similar signs of blossoming. Though children learn at different rates, I can clearly see what he is learning from his teachers. He has been a very quiet and observant boy and now since attending I see a more outgoing and verbal side, wholly brought on by the social and learning environment he Is now actively involved and thriving in, just like his sister.

The staff is appropriately placed for their specialty level from the infant to pre-school student which brings out the best for each child in their care. Marie and the staff have also been very accommodating and flexible and have always worked with our family to resolve any challenge or concern, which have been few. When we faced personal challenges, Marie and her staff were kind and listened and worked with our family so that our children moved forward seamlessly.

I fully recommend Kid Academy to any parent I can. I really love what I see coming through my children from their attendance at Kid Academy.

Please feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss more of my thoughts.

Thank you Kid Academy in Westampton is a wonderful center!

Valerie Falco

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