Stacey & Chris Bergmann

To all the Wonderful Kid Academy Staff of Mount Laurel,

As you all probably know by now this is Madelyn’s last day at Kid Academy. Nobody told me(or if they did l did not listen) how hard it would be to have a long commute to work when you have a child and this is why I have accepted a transfer to a Genesis Healthcare center near my home in Pennsylvania. l will be able to spend more valuable time with my family outside of the car. I wish I could pick this building up with all of you in it and bring it to Jenkintown.

Chris, Madelyn and I appreciate all you have done for us. It is so nice to know that while Madelyn is not with us she is receiving the BEST care EVER. She has learned so much from you all and is such a pleasant child. I know some of that is genetics because lets face it her parents aren’t so bad either, but I have to give credit where credit is due. To ALL of you: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. lf you don’t get a face to face goodbye from me it is only because my eyes are filled with tears as I am typing this letter and don’t want to make a scene. I work with the Geriatric population and I had a patient, who was a Pastor, once tell me, “God has a place in Heaven reserved for those who care for the gray haired people of the world”. l do believe this is true, but I also think right next to them is a place reserved for those who care for our dimpled, wide eyed babies.

Best wishes to you all. A million thanks!!!


Madelyn, Stacey and Chris Bergmann

P.S. Madelyn would like to type something for you- “KHDFUILP} {}OPSDO {UO”WR hkioiohy;p896ylililmjo’pli]]) I think that means she loves you all and will miss you very much.

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