Kelly, Melvin, & Miles Moore

Dear Marie and Paula,

I just wanted to say thank you to both of you and all of the staff at Kid Academy for all that has been done and continues to be done for Miles. Both Melvin and I feel very blessed to have found Kid Academy and look forward to when we can send our next child there! Not now of course, but one day maybe :). Through all the anxiety of being first time parents (well actually Melvin was fine, it was really me!), the work and commitment that you all have shown have helped ease that anxiety as Miles has grown up. I can tell Miles appreciates you all too, as every night when he says his prayers, he lists “God bless Ms. Allie, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Moon, Ms. Bettye, Ms. Carla, Ms. Lydia…” and on and on! He hasn’t forgotten anyone!

Thanks again! I am big on telling people how much you appreciate them, no matter how big or small the service. Thank you so much for the big, amazing services that you all provide. It is much appreciated!


Kelly, Melvin, & Miles Moore

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