Hilary & John Mansor

Good Morning Lynn!

As you know by now – Max is back! We couldnt put him through another week of torture- he really missed everyone at Kid Academy and It just broke our hearts to see him so sad. He woke up this morning at 5am and 6am and 6:30am … begging us to call and see If he can go to the “Ms Lynn school”. Spiderman lunch box all packed and ready to go:) Just the cutest!

I have filled out the Fall Registration and will have John drop the reg fee with the form off tomorrow.

I Will be seeing you tomorrow most likely for the “plck up”.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for taking Max in and providing such a memorable, happy place for him to be.

We are luck to have you!

Talk to you soon! Missed you ALL dearly!


Hilary Cottone-Mansor

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