Christine LaBadie

“I personally would like to also take this opportunity to say THANK YOU…. KALC is a great school and I would recommend anyone that I know with a young child to go!”

You and your staff have been doing a wonderful job on taking care the students and of course my Asia’. She loves you all from the bottom of her heart and is so excited about school and wanting to go to school on her days off. She enjoys going to KALC especially to see you, all her friends and wonderful teachers. The staff is doing a great job with there curriculums when teaching the students and as well the infants. I see my Asiaa’ is learning and singing a lot and keeping it all sponged in her mind.

Lastly, I commend YOU on an EXCELLENT JOB that you’re doing to keep your staff, students, school and yourself in order. We all know that’s a hard job to do but your doing and wonderful job.

Thank you again for ALL your assistance with everything 🙂

You have a wonderful blessed fantastic day and see you shortly :)”


Christine LaBadie

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