Before and After School Program

KidAcademy Learning Centers provide a safe, well-supervised and loving atmosphere for your elementary school age child. Working parents can put their minds at ease knowing that their child is actively involved in dance, gym, computers, arts and crafts and much, much more.

Transportation can be found at most of our learning centers or with your child’s elementary school.

In addition to all of these exciting activities, KidAcademy’s After School Program provides help with homework for the children who need that little extra support.

Children arriving in the morning for the Before School Program are welcome to bring breakfast and join their friends for early morning fun. We’ll make sure they arrive safely and in time for school. Our Before and After School Program can also be extended on school holidays and early dismissal days with advance notice.

Kindergarten Education Program

KidAcademy’s Kindergarten is designed to make you child’s first school experience one that is filled with fun, discovery, learning and growth. With the guidance from a certified Kindergarten teacher, your child will grow socially, emotionally and physically. Our curriculum is created to stimulate learning.

Kindergarten students are welcome to attend KidAcademy’s 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. schedule. A balanced lunch and two snacks will be provided.

Some of the skills that will be developed in our Kindergarten program are Handwriting, Mathematics, Pre-reading, Social Studies, and Science. The children are provided with ample time for Arts and Crafts, Music and Free Play. Your child’s progress will be carefully monitored and daily communication will take place between you and your child’s Kindergarten teacher.

KidAcademy’s Kindergarten program will motivate your child to reach his/her greatest potential. With the love and support from you, as a parent, together we’ll send your child off to first grade with the confidence to succeed.

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Pre School educational Program

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, young children learn from experiences, actions, and interactions with people and things. At KidAcademy our focus is on each child’s needs and development. Our program has a written curriculum based on the knowledge of a child’s development. The daily activities for the children reflect our program’s philosophy and goals. We foster independence by encouraging children to think, reason, question, and experiment. Our staff assists children in using language to deal with their feelings. Social skills are developed by learning to cooperate, help, take turns, and talk through problem solving.

Our staff will communicate with you on a daily basis regarding your child’s social, emotional, educational and physical progress. Twice a year we evaluate your child in writing with a progress report and conferences are always available. We encourage you to become involved in our program by being volunteers for special events and field trips. Parents and other family members are welcomed visitors in our center at all times.

We use the
High Reach Curriculum

Our Preschool students will also be involved in Reading and Math Readiness programs. Reading Readiness consists of the alphabet, phonics, and vocabulary building, and sensory discrimination. Math Readiness covers number recognition, measurements, and simple addition/subtraction. Other topics covered during the Preschool year are community helpers, safety awareness, movement and dancing, art, computers and science. Children excel in Kindergarten with the head start they receive at KidAcademy.

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Infants & Toddlers Childcare and Learning Center

We know that it has to be one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. “Should we put our baby in childcare?” Let us tell you about our infant nursery rooms. At KidAcademy our staff is very dedicated to providing a loving and nurturing atmosphere. We’ll pamper your baby with love and affection. To ensure a smooth transition from home to school and back home again, the caregivers of KidAcademy will communicate with you on an individual basis. We meet the needs of our clientele by catering to your baby. You provide us with your baby’s daily routine, and we’ll use that as a guide for your baby’s day with us.

Parents are welcome to tour our nurseries and meet our caregivers at any time. After enrolling, please don’t hesitate to call or stop in during your baby’s day with us. We’ll put your mind at ease knowing that KidAcademy Learning Centers are the next best place to home for your baby.

They are not babies anymore, and they will be the first to tell you that! But, they’re not quite preschoolers either. They are toddlers and they are quickly becoming more mobile, autonomous, social and thoughtful. Language is emerging and they love to test and experiment. They can sometimes be assertive and independent, yet other times passive and very dependent.

In a group setting at KidAcademy, our caregivers accommodate and support the “do it myself” ways of toddlers. Our staff is patient, sensitive and understanding to a toddler’s point of view. The environment is developed to be a captivating, interesting place that continually holds toddler’s attention with individual and small group experiences. Our curriculum is a balance of care and learning in safe surroundings where a toddler can see, hear, feel, touch, and more. It’s a place for toddlers to explore and enjoy.

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